Health & Wellness

Preventive care and a healthy lifestyle are critical to realizing our hopes and dreams.

Typically, service jobs are part-time and workers are not eligible for employer-paid health insurance.

Given the high cost of insurance, low-wage workers are either uninsured or underinsured and defer seeking medical help until they face an emergency or a crisis.

REACH Health Programs - medic giving blood pressure reading

Health & Wellness Events and Programs

Worker surveys identified healthcare as a priority need. The College of Pharmacy students accepted REACH’s challenge to create pop-up clinics in break rooms around campus. During 15-minute personal consultations, they tested workers’ A1C, BMI, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and provided Health System Navigation information.

Next, REACH increased its capacity to serve by implementing new partnerships with students from Texas A&M’s Schools of Pharmacy, Public Health, Nursing, and Agriculture who staff a series of single-purpose clinics and Family Health & Wellness Fairs each semester that include:

  • Client Navigation Teams

  • Flu Shot Clinics

  • Health Fairs

  • Pop Up Clinics

  • Women’s Health

  • Nutrition & Cooking Courses

  • Family Container Gard

  • Diabetes Courses

  • Von’s Vision

  • REACH Family Farm Days

  • Mammogram Clinics with The Rose

  • Pet Health Fairs with Texas A&M’s Vet School

  • Weekly Meal distributions with Brazos Valley Food Bank & Aggie Mens’ Club, St. Thomas Episcopal Church

Our Health & Wellness Programs in Action

Ever resourceful, during the 3 semesters that COVID-19 forced hundreds of worker layoffs and furloughs, REACH recruited more provider partners and volunteers.

Using a drive-thru delivery model, we continued providing these basic, and additional services, to more than 750 families and their 3,250 family members without interruption.

The REACH Health & Wellness Center – Coming Fall 2022!

The need for a more systematic approach to providing basic healthcare led to the construction of a Health and Wellness Center. Thanks to the inestimable leadership of Dr. Regina Beard, REACH is launching its student-run and student-staffed Health & Wellness Center, offering free services to the greater uninsured community. It is led by student directors and staffed by volunteer clinicians, students, and faculty under the supervision of the Program Director who oversees the training and management of volunteers.

Clinic Services

The Clinic provides preventive healthcare, education, resources, and referrals to local medical and dental clinics, hospitals and social service organizations. Services include:

  • Physical, mental, and social determinants of health (SDOH) assessments

  • Chronic condition education and referrals

  • Client Navigation

  • Testing and follow-ups for hypertension, diabetes, etc.

  • Minor lab values (urine dipstick, glucose, cholesterol)

  • Preventative care

  • Preventative care, including vaccinations

  • Education series, Workshops, Classes

REACH Health & Wellness Leadership & Committee Members

The REACH Health & Wellness Advisory Board, under the leadership of Dr. Regina Beard, Dr. Hector Chappa, Dr. Jerry Carrino, Ms. Chris Kaunas, and Ms. Susie Van, is a representative body that has transformed the REACH vision of a free clinic into a model of interprofessional teams delivery. The Advisory Board is charged with overseeing the development, implementation, and evaluation of all REACH Health & Wellness programs, and is composed of Texas A&M faculty, staff, and students, local healthcare providers, and community leaders.

Dr. Regina Beard
Dr. Regina Beard REACH Board Member, Committee Chair, Clinic Director
Dr. Michael Spohn
Dr. Michael SpohnEmergency Physician, Emergency Med. Research Director, Clinical Professor Texas A&M Medical School
Dr. Hector Chapa
Dr. Hector ChapaREACH Clinic Medical Director, Medical Director, College of Medicine
Dr. Gerard E. Carrino
Dr. Gerard E. CarrinoDept. Head, Health Policy & Management, School of Public Health
Dr. Christine L. Kaunas
Dr. Christine L. KaunasExecutive Director Interprofessional Education & Research at Texas A&M University Health Science Center
Suzanne Van
Suzanne VanClinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing
Delaney Ivy
Delaney IvyClinical Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, College of Pharmacy


  • Max Gerall
    REACH Founder, Executive Director

  • Dr. Tamie Erratt
    Brazos Valley Dental Arts

  • Bruce Erratt
    Attorney, Erratt La

  • Jason Holub
    Pharmacy District Director, Brookshire Brothers Pharmacy

  • Dr. Sara Mendez
    Health Promotion Manager at Brazos County Health Dept

  • Mrs. Liz Dickey
    Executive Director, Health For All

  • Douglas Hilton
    Senior Sales Consultant, McKesson Medical Supply

  • Rae Adams
    College of Medicine

  • Anne McGowan
    College of Architecture Lu, Zhipeng College of Architecture

  • Dr. Carly Elizabeth McCord
    Director, Telebehavioral Health Clinical, Health Science Center

  • Dr. Heather Clark
    School of Public Health – Director of Public Health Practice Research

  • Dr. Asim Abu-Baker
    Associate Dean for Clinical & Professional Affairs, College of Pharmacy

  • Dr.Gerald Burgner
    College of Agriculture

We’re Extending Our REACH

The REACH Program is currently looking at expanding to other university campuses throughout the United States. If you’re interested in learning more about how the REACH program can support your community, email us.