REACH Educational Programs

The workforce served by the REACH Project recognizes that their communities are served by underfunded and low performing schools and that families living paycheck to paycheck for generations, are at a competitive disadvantage in the employment and housing marketplaces.  Aware of those knowledge deficits, they are often frightened and intimidated by institutions they have never been taught to navigate.

When REACH families shared their aspirations for a home of their own, an education for their children, and a chance to achieve financial stability, REACH responded by creating a lifelong learning program to enable them to pursue those ambitions.

Lifelong learning begins with acquiring English language skills, managing family finances, and upgrading employment skills. Education is the path to self-sufficiency and home ownership.

Financial Education through REACH

Did You Know?

  • 1 in 5 low-income Texans do not have a GED

  • 43% of adults with the lowest level of literacy live in poverty, compared to only 4% of those with the highest literacy skill levels.

  • 3,500,000 Texas adults were eligible for adult education programs. Federal funds served 91,906 students, or 2.6% of that need

  • Texas ranks last among states in percentage of adult population with a high school education

  • Among poor students who were proficient readers in the third grade, 11% nationally fail to finish high school